We specialize in custom fluid control solutions for diesel engine systems.


The experience of our engineers spans a number of industries. We designed the first DC-to-AC inverter-powered pumps that could tolerate the harsh railroad locomotive environment. We designed and built a tiny magnetic drive-positive displacement pump for airline coffee makers. We pioneered the breakthrough pump technology that made worldwide kidney dialysis possible. We even produced a heart replacement pump for a calf.


Owing to our diverse background and extensive experience, we are able to look at problems in new ways. Time and time again we have revolutionized industries with innovative breakthrough product solutions. Outside-the-box thinking allowed our pump designs to achieve complete market dominance in the airline coffee maker, kidney dialysis machine, and locomotive fuel pump markets.

Virtual Prototyping & Production First Articles

Our engineers design in a virtual 3D solid modeling environment. That means that fit and function are verified before any paper is generated. The first article parts are then made "in-house" on the same machines that will make them in production. When we finish the first article, we are ready to go directly to production. Our first article production cycle is an industry standard.


With so much experience dealing with OEM markets, we have honed our skills in removing unnecessary cost from our products while surpassing design requirements. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our OEM's high quality products at lower cost. We estimate that the railroad industry alone has saved in excess of $5,500,000 to date by purchasing products we designed.

Our unique combination of experience designing custom fluid control systems as a supplier to OEM manufacturers, and in-house manufacturing make us ideally suited to providing custom designed, ready to implement product solutions. Our systems and components are hard at work getting the job done for our customers day in and day out. We are proud of the twenty year life of our railroad components and maintenance free life of our marine lube oil pumps.

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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